Free Yourself From Sugar Addiction Program

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Are you aware sugar is damaging your health?

Painful inflammation and added weight, to more serious issues such as diabetes and worse, are just the tip of the iceberg… Crashes from energy drinks are all too common leading to more sugar/crashes, the cycle is endless. If you don’t brush after sugary drinks and food, cavities and more serious health issues are all potential risks you face with this addiction.

The Free Yourself From Sugar Addiction Program will allow you to take an honest assessment of where you are physically and mentally today.

Utilizing the program’s tools opens the door to a healthier, happier better you!

The Free Yourself From Sugar Addiction program mindset and skills combined with our patient, encouraging, friendly, supportive approach will enable you to enjoy the Freedom from Addiction you are searching for in your life.

We are with you every step of the way on this new path.

Contact: Marlana Freitas, LMT, INHC
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Bennington, VT
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6 week free yourself from sugar add